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Vera Pizza Napolitana 

The true Pizza Napoletana is a real must in Italy: every single Italian has to be to Naples at least once in his life to eat the original pizza; in fact we can say that Naples is the Italian Pizza Capital; people from all over the world come to eat this speciality, which is the emblem of the city. The true Pizza Napoletana is characterized by the dough: it’s extremely soft and thin in the centre, and higher on the edge. In Italy, the higher edge of a true Pizza Napoletana is called “cornicione”, which means eaves, for it has to be much higher than the centre; sometimes, the “cornicione” is filled with ricotta or other kinds of cheese, just to make the whole Pizza even more tasty and savoury.

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The Dough - How we make it!

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The original dough is made with water, flour, salt and yeast, without any fats: no oil, no lard or butter, just like a true bread dough. It has to be worked a lot since it has to become very soft and fluffy, and well hydrated. The dough has to leave for at least twenty-four hours, so it can produce a lot of carbon dioxide. In this way, when you cook the dough, it will be soft and crunchy, and at the same time well cooked.

Is this the truth about pizza?

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The history of the Neapolitan pizza goes back to the 18th Century when Vittorio Corrado wrote a treaty about Naples food, but probably people in Naples eat pizza since the 17th Century. In fact, the pizza was originally invented to make tastier and also softer the “schiacciata di pane”, a flatbread very cheap, eaten mostly by the poor people. The Neapolitans got tired of eating those hard and dry loaves, so they started to invent a new way to cook the dough. Originally, these “first pizzas” were seasoned with lard, garlic, salt and basil, for the cheese was too expensive and the pizza was a poor food.

Our Favorite Pizza

Many years later, people started seasoning pizza with tomato (imported from Peru) and olive oil. It was only in the and of the 18th Century (1889) that the original Pizza Margherita, the most famous in Italy, was invented.

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