The two most  famous pizzas in the World

Tradition is Here !

The most authentic pizzas- Marinara and Margarita

The two most famous pizzas are pizza Marinara and pizza Margarita, they are the only two variations that the authentic Neapolitan tradition accepts.
Pizza Marinara is the oldest pizza recipe, it is seasoned with tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and olive oil. In Italian, “Marinara” means “seafaring”: 

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The oldest pizzeria in Neaple Italy

The Oldest Pizzeria in Italy !

Do you know that the oldest Pizzeria in the World serve only two kind of pizza? Marinara & Margherita. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is the oldest pizzeria in Naples and the all world establised 1870 serve only two difirents pizzas. Pizza Marghearita & Pizza Marinara and Italians call it “The sacred temple of pizza”.

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Wood-Fired Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza Capricciosa from Rome !

Pizza Capricciosa is a style of pizza in Italian cuisine prepared with mozzarella cheese, Italian baked ham, mushroom, artichoke and tomato. Types of edible mushrooms used may include cremini, white mushrooms,and others. Some versions may also use prosciutto a dry-cured ham, marinated artichoke hearts, olive oil, olives, basil leaves and egg. Some versions may be prepared using a thin crust, Neapolitan style. This pizza was invented by Enea Dante Santerini, the owner of the restaurant La Capricciosa in Via del Corso, Rome. The Santerini's Family still have the corporate patent registered on 29th November 1952.

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Real pizza Margherita Naples

Queen from Naples | Pizza Margherita!

Pizza is the most popular dish of all Neapolitan cuisine. The pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito created in 1889, in honour to Queen Margherita of Savoy, is a nationalistic pizza, where the colours of the Italian flag were represented by the mozzarella Di bufala- white, San Marzano tomato-red and basil-green. Since then this pizza is called the pizza Margherita. Today Pizza Margarita is the most famous & best- known pizza in the all world

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freshly prepared wood-fired pizza in our oven in Kent

Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza

The true Pizza Napoletana is a real must in Italy: every single Italian has to be to Naples at least once in his life to eat the original pizza; in fact we can say that Naples is the Italian Pizza Capital; people from all over the world come to eat this speciality, which is the emblem of the city. The true Pizza Napoletana is characterized by the dough: it’s extremely soft and thin in the centre, and higher on the edge. In Italy, the higher edge of a true Pizza Napoletana is called “cornicione”, which means eaves, for it has to be much higher than the centre; sometimes, the “cornicione” is filled with ricotta or other kinds of cheese, just to make the whole Pizza even more tasty and savoury.

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