Real Neapolitan Oven Into a HorseBox

Our real Neapolitan wood-fired oven built & install in Italy has a 90cm cooking floor. It can do four 10 inch pizzas, or three 12 inch pizzas at the same time, and have them all ready in just ninety seconds. The oven is special designs for our vintage HorseBox pizzeria and has been built by hand using traditional Italian method and materials.
When it comes to our pizza oven, we always use two different type of untreated wood, oak and some light wood. This is a perfect choice, they’re probably the best combination. The oak it’s going to heat the floor of the oven and the light wood which is going to keep the flame, the combination is just significant and our pizza is more then amazing.
 We are capable to serve over 100 traditional Neapolitan style pizzas per hour with our amazing wood-fired oven. Our pizzas are handmade on the traditional Neapolitan method in less than two minutes, giving incredible authentic taste and crispy based.

Pizza Oven for weddings, parties & events in London, East Sussex & Kent.